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Title: NJ Fishing & Boating Weather Outlook Weekly Edition: Mar 20-24, 2017
Post by: Pfishingruven on March 19, 2017, 09:39:13 PM

A more settled week, however water conditions will only be borderline to cautious with the possibility of a hazardous day, as well. Every day this week, except Thursday will have chances of showers. The chances are on the low side (below 50%). Some of these showers could be a wintry mix or even snow, mainly for northern areas. Highs will range from the 40ís to 50ís with lows in the teens to 30ís. Certainly, below average for this time of year and the first day of Spring, tomorrow. Water conditions will be borderline and cautious with the possibility of hazardous conditions on Wednesday. Water temperatures are steady. UV Index will be 3-6/15.

Low pressure southeast of Cape Cod will move farther out to sea tonight and Monday while high pressure builds over the eastern seaboard. A weak disturbance will pass through the region Monday night. A cold front from this system will stall to our south on Tuesday. A wave of low pressure will track along the boundary. High pressure builds in from the northwest Wednesday before the center of the high retreats off the Mid-Atlantic coast by Friday. A warm front is expected to move into our region Friday into Saturday. The boundary may start to return back southward as a cold front late in
the weekend.

The weekend will have chances of rain with highs in the 40ís to 60ís and lows in the 30ís and 40ís. Water conditions will be cautious to hazardous with gusty winds and highs seas to 6+ feet.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

Sky:  Sunny with increasing clouds becoming mostly cloudy
Precipitation:  30%-40% Chance of showers at night (wintry mix/snow for northern areas)
High:   Upper 40ís to low 50ís
Low:   Upper 30ís with low 30ís for northern areas
UV Index:  4-5/15 (Moderate)
Sunrise: 7:00am
Sunset: 7:08pm
Last Qtr: 11:59am

Sky:  Partly sunny to mostly cloudy
Precipitation:  0%-30% Chance of rain/wintry mix/snow showers at night
High:   Low to mid 50ís
Low:   Low 30ís inland, mid to upper 30ís at the shore, upper 20ís for northern areas
UV Index:  3-5/15 (Moderate)
Sunrise: 6:58am
Sunset: 7:09pm

Sky:  Mostly sunny, then mostly clear, Windy
Precipitation:  0%-20% Chance of rain/wintry mix/snow showers early in the day(mainly northern areas)
High:   Low to mid 40ís with low 30ís for northern areas
Low:   Low 20ís inland, mid to upper 20ís at the shore, low to mid teens for northern areas
UV Index:  3-6/15 (Moderate-High)
Sunrise: 6:57am
Sunset: 7:10pm

Sky:  Sunny becoming partly cloudy
Precipitation:  0%-Slight Chance
High:   Upper 30ís to low 40ís
Low:   Upper 20ís to low 30ís, low to mid 30ís at the shore, low 20ís for northern areas
UV Index:  4-6/15 (Moderate-High)
Sunrise: 6:55am
Sunset: 7:11pm

Sky:   Partly sunny becoming mostly cloudy
Precipitation:  0%-40% chance of rain/snow showers during the day for northern areas
High:   Upper 40ís to mid 50ís
Low:   Low 40ís inland, mid 40ís at the shore, upper 30ís for northern areas
UV Index:  3-6/15 (Moderate-High)
Sunrise: 6:54am
Sunset: 7:12pm

Monday Surface Analysis


Tuesday Surface Analysis


Wednesday Surface Analysis


Thursday Surface Analysis


Friday Surface


Total Precipitation Monday - Saturday


Total Precipitation Monday - Monday


Sea Surface Temperatures



20 Meters (≈65 feet)


NWS OPC Sea Surface Temperature 3 Day Loop (http://www.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/Loops/NCOM/sst/Ncom_sst_UseastNorth_03_Day_flash.shtml)

NWS OPC Gulf Stream Currents 3 Day Loop (http://www.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/Loops/NCOM/currents/Ncom_Curr_UseastNorth_03_Day_flash.shtml)

Ocean Currents



20 Meters (≈65 feet)


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*****These forecasts are a general extended outlook for weather and water conditions over a large area, covering all of NJ and adjacent coastal waters to 50nm.  Weather and water conditions can and do change frequently and can also be different for specific locations.  Water conditions ratings are general guidelines only.  Make sure to check the specific seas and winds for the area you will be traveling.  Every boat and captain has different operating values.  You should always check the most updated weather and water condition forecasts at NWS/NOAA and/or Buoy Weather or your trusted weather source before venturing out![/i]

*****Forecasts obtained from Buoy Weather & the National Weather Service (NOAA)
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