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Title: 5.10/2019 Where do I fish???
Post by: ped579 on May 10, 2019, 04:32:03 PM
The question I am asked a lot this time of year is "where do I fish".  Well this time of year Spot Burning deos not exist...  What do you mean?  Simple, if you can read the water and have fresh bait you can go almost anywhere and catch fish.

Back bay???  Yes!  Out front???  Yes!  If your looking for Blue Fish try any inlet because they are on fire.  If your looking for Stripers, all along the Jersey shore you can pretty much pick any good spot and bait and catch shorts to pretty sizable big keeper stripers.

One bit of advice I can give you is make sure your bait is fresh.  Weather it is clams or bunker (bait of choice for many right now) it should be fresh.

Go to any bait and tackle shop, pick up some juicy fresh bait and by doing so I can pretty much guarantee any question you might have it will be answered.  Try and get that from any big box store.

So my advice is to get out there and wet a line and see who shows up at the other end.  Oh, remember to Register as it is the law now.  It only takes a few minutes.  Plus make sure you have it on you while your fishing, the CO might not want to wait till you look for it.

If your not sure how to read the water take a look at the tutorials on this site. 

Have fun and be safe.
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