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 on: Yesterday at 10:24:11 PM 
Started by harbison - Last post by harbison
   Really glad you like my reports. Love doing them.

                We are freezing. The wweather in Florida is 

 on: Yesterday at 08:21:41 PM 
Started by harbison - Last post by njbob49
Thanks for sharing another great report and pictures Bob.      Not much going on in NJ fishing wise now, so your reports give us something to dream about.

I much voice my concern that I hope no one got frost bite as I saw most of the customers had sweat shirts on.  The wind chill in Northern NJ this morning was minus 23.   

Thanks again for sharing.

Tight Lines,
Bob G 

 on: Yesterday at 02:41:10 PM 
Started by harbison - Last post by harbison
On last week's 39 hour trip Will caught a beautiful Mutton Snapper on a new DAIWA SK slow pitch jig:

Looks like this new jig is also good for Grouper:

Did you know that African Pompano is a member of the Jack family, and is also called a Cuban Jack? This species of Pompano can be found in virtually all tropical waters including the Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, West Africa, and our own Gulf of Mexico. The All-Tackle record, 50 pounds, 8 ounces, was caught 4/21/1990 by Tom Sargent, Daytona Beach, Florida.
Once again the Florida's fishing coach shows us how:

Is just before the full moon the best of times? Well!

We are always glad to welcome the had working, dedicated, FWC biologists. This is REAL data:

And now for our mystery fish. This is a tough one:

Catch the action in this short action-packed video. Be sure to watch Will go for the GOLD:


A very special thanks to Mr. John Martin, and Captain Dylan Hubbard for making this report possible.

 on: Yesterday at 02:40:10 PM 
Started by harbison - Last post by harbison
   Huge full moon CATCH
The January full moon is 1/21/19 @ 12:17 A.M. Snapper have a tendency to go a little 'crazy' during this time of the month. The Mangrove and Yellowtail Snapper should be on fire:

Friday, January 18, 2019, Ten A.M., Tammy and guest are ready for a 44 hour marathon adventure deep into the very heart of our Gulf of Mexico.

The Florida Fisherman ll will be fishing the famous Florida Middle Grounds and vicinity just before the full of the moon. To many this is the best of times. Let's go see:
This is looking good. Box number one is stuffed full, and the snapper are still on fire.

And now the rest of the story.
Will McClure has been the first mate on the Florida for over ten years; he is one of the best. Will goes for the GOLD in what has become known as, 'The Great Line Toss'? Hit or miss? Only one way to find out... Watch 2:06 minutes into the video at the end of this report.

Will makes sure we are ready for the fights sure to come:

After a great Tammy meal and a good day's rest, let the fights begin:

Mr. John Martin, fishing adviser on the Florida Fisherman ll, has been fishing Florida waters for decades. He is very knowledgeable and eager to share his vast experience. John can make a good fisherman and excellent fisherman. John leads by example:

We listen:

Think Kings are not still around? Think again:

 on: January 16, 2019, 07:54:33 PM 
Started by harbison - Last post by harbison
 Trolling on the Florida Fisherman ll
Florida is known as the Fishing Capital of the world and for very good reasons. Florida's 7,700+ lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and 2,276 miles of shoreline are teeming with fish. In the Sunshine State there is most always a place to wet a line. And 'wet a line' we do... According to a recent 'VISIT FLORIDA' study anglers spent 46.3 million days fishing in Florida. Tourists from all over the world spent 4.8 million days fishing in the Sunshine State. 
Many who do not own their own boats enjoy excellent fishing on the many headboats that fish offshore Florida waters. Fourth generation owner/operator, Captain Dylan Hubbard, of Hubbard's Marina is ever so proud of his heritage. Captain Dylan's Granddad, Captain Wilson Hubbard, ran his first headboat in 1954. The catches were outstanding.

In the late fifties Captain Wilson introduced the art of trolling on a headboat. The prices were a 'little' different way back when:

Today Captain Dylan is every bit as serious about fishing as Captain Wilson Hubbard ever was. He is always there to see us off and wish us well:

The catches are very good:

What about Captain Wilson's, 'art of trolling'? Is trolling on a headboat still going strong? 
Join us as we take a look with on the water pictures & video:

Catch the action packed video of Trolling on the Florida Fisherman ll


Over 46 million days a year spent fishing the waters of the Fishing Capital of the World, and for very good reason!

Bob Harbison
Florida Outdoor Writers Association

 on: January 16, 2019, 07:22:09 AM 
Started by Down Deep Fleet - Last post by Salty Dog
It was a good year for many . Enjoy your down time . Get to the do list early , so there's no surprise delays in the spring .Thanks for the reports . Get some rest . 

 on: January 16, 2019, 05:40:54 AM 
Started by Down Deep Fleet - Last post by kpcoe
Another great season, days getting longer already, heres the whole original picture..... Grin....thanks for reports.

 on: January 14, 2019, 10:01:42 AM 
Started by Pfishingruven - Last post by fluke - u
 thumbs up

 on: January 13, 2019, 08:18:31 PM 
Started by Pfishingruven - Last post by Pfishingruven

A more settled first half of the week, but that changes for the second half of the week with mainly cautious to hazardous water conditions. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be dry with more sun than clouds. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday usher in some showers, ranging from rain to snow showers. Rain for most of the state and snow for northern areas. However, Friday Night through Sunday will see a developing Winter Storm that could bring snow to the area, as well as gusty winds and extremely hazardous water conditions. Highs will range from the 20ís to 40ís with lows in the teens to 30ís. Water conditions will be cautious with some borderline and hazardous conditions. Friday may even be good inshore, before becoming extremely hazardous. Friday Night through Sunday will see wind gusts in excess of 55 knots and seas to 20+ feet. Surf and beach conditions will be good to cautious, with hazardous conditions for Friday and the weekend. Water temperatures are in the low 30ís to mid 40ís.

Strong high pressure over southeastern Canada will shift eastward into New England through tonight as the low shifts further off shore. High pressure will build over the southeastern states Tuesday into Wednesday, with a cold front moving across our region later Wednesday. The next cold front arrives on Friday, however low pressure may develop along it and affect our weather next weekend.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

Monday Surface Analysis

Tuesday Surface Analysis

Wednesday Surface Analysis

Thursday Surface Analysis

Friday Surface

Saturday Surface

Sunday Surface

Total Precipitation Monday-Saturday

Total Precipitation Monday-Monday

Weather Outlook Sponsored by Buoy Weather
The Global Marine Forecasting Solution!

*****These forecasts are a general extended outlook for weather and water conditions over a large area, covering all of NJ and adjacent coastal waters to 50nm.  Weather and water conditions can and do change frequently and can also be different for specific locations.  Water conditions ratings are general guidelines only.  Make sure to check the specific seas and winds for the area you will be traveling.  Every boat and captain has different operating values.  You should always check the most updated weather and water condition forecasts at NWS/NOAA and/or Buoy Weather or your trusted weather source before venturing out![/i]

*****Forecasts obtained from Buoy Weather & the National Weather Service (NOAA)

 on: January 13, 2019, 03:16:18 PM 
Started by Capt. Zsak - Last post by fluke - u
 thumbs up ......... 

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