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 on: Today at 06:13:07 AM 
Started by ped579 - Last post by Salty Dog
 thumbs up Good report .

 on: Yesterday at 02:32:13 PM 
Started by fishon42 - Last post by Salty Dog
Ut-Oh. Next time water looks down .

 on: Yesterday at 12:48:15 PM 
Started by fishon42 - Last post by fishon42
Donít even bother to ours in and Iíve seen nothing come up anywhere

 on: Yesterday at 10:31:19 AM 
Started by ped579 - Last post by ped579
First a shout out to Mike and Chris 2 guys from Pa. that made it out on a beautiful day to be on the beach.  Sorry if I got the names wrong. 

It looks like the changing of the tides is the trick to pick up some spotty fish here and there.  We were out from low tide to the change to high tide and that is where I got a couple of hits.  They were not landed but it was a thrill just to feel that tug.  Now to figure out this years combination to bringing them in.

I tried just about everything except clams.  We tried bunker, mullet, plugs and bucktails nothing seemed to work.

There were no bitds working nd the bunker were no where to be found close to the beach.  Although I was listening to the marine band and it seems like there were bunker in small pods out about a mile and a half to the three mile limit.  That was the target zone.  Boats were hitting some nice stripers out there and it sounds like they were using spoons.  This was from Seaside Heights to the Barnegat inlet.

If you were fishing behind IBSP you probably did okay.  I heard of fish being brought over the sides from Tice's sholes to the BB buoy. Mainly blues as they make their way out thro9ugh the inlet.

Speaking of the inlet it is as usual.  there are waves of fish leaving the inlet so if you get there and no fish are being caught wait a while and I am sure you will be rewarded.  Lure of choice is as usual white buck tail tipped with a white curly tail in the ounce to 3 ounce range.  You need to be close to the bottom.  I know there are some caught on top water lures but the main catch is close to the bottom.

Good luck to all the anglers out for the Governors Tournament today.  It looks like a great turnout.

Next time we will try clams, Oh well its a learning curve but when we figure it out I am sure the curve will change. 

Till next time Happy Catching.

 on: Yesterday at 09:46:44 AM 
Started by fishon42 - Last post by fishon42
I have a mohawk and a black T-shirt on, come bother me if you see me

 on: Yesterday at 09:03:59 AM 
Started by Capt. Zsak - Last post by Capt. Zsak
Thanks ,enjoy the day.

 on: Yesterday at 09:03:05 AM 
Started by Capt. Zsak - Last post by Capt. Zsak
Fort Lauderdale Fishing with Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat and Capt. Zsak

Wayne Hayward and his wife, Chris, and Mr. & Mrs. Hensky chartered the Top Shot Sportfishing charter boat team for a private deep sea charter boat sport fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  As they boarded the boat, they were greeted by Captain JB and mate, Russ, from the Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat Team. 

Fifteen to twenty minutes after leaving the dock, lines were in 120 ft. of water at the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale, 1.8 miles from shore.   If you venture off another ľ of a mile, you would find yourself in 500 ft. of water, which we exclusively have here in Fort Lauderdale, due to Fort Lauderdaleís extreme drop off.   The further north you go, the further the drop off swings off shore. 

We started trolling the reef with two plainers down, one with a 3 Ĺ blue reflector drone spoon and the other with a chartreuse sea witch in front of a double hooked Bonita strip, traveling north of Fort Lauderdale on the drop off.  Our action started right from the start, as I trolled over some of our 34 artificial wrecks we have here in Fort Lauderdale.  The bait fish was plentiful and the Kingfish were very cooperative.  All four anglers took turns reeling in their catches.  The Kingfish ranged from 6 to 10 lbs., as we limited out with 8 Kingfish. 

From there we decided to do some Shark fishing.  I headed out to 350 ft. of water and set out our Shark baits.  It did not take too long before the line screamed off of the 80 International Reel.  Wayne was our angler, and after a good, long fight, our mate wired the 93Ē Hammerhead Shark to the side of the boat for picture taking.  The Shark was released to fight again. 

It was time to head back to the dock.  The happy anglers retired into the a/c salon watching the plasma TV and enjoying the relaxing trip back to the dock at Bahia Bar Yachting Center, 801 Seabreeze Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33316.

For a successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale FL for Sailfish, Shark, Bonito, Mackerel, Swordfish, Snapper, Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Grouper, contact Captain Zsak. - 954-309-7457 or email us at tzsak@bellsouth.net   Website:  www.topshotfishing.com

 on: Yesterday at 06:01:44 AM 
Started by 1captainron - Last post by kpcoe
Thanks for report. hopefully fluke will be flying over your rails shortly!

 on: May 18, 2019, 11:16:18 PM 
Started by Down Deep Fleet - Last post by Hotrod
 thumbs up

 on: May 18, 2019, 03:55:38 PM 
Started by 1captainron - Last post by 1captainron
FISHERMEN/Saturdays fishing report.

To say it's been tough the past couple of days is an understatement!

Started out looking in the Ocean today with the Jigs, with the cleaner water and good current I thought we might find some fish there. We did find some small blues and 1 short bass. Looked over a couple area's found some readings here and there, just nothing that wanted what we were offering.

Went to the Bait, finally caught a nice Keeper, 2 shorts & a couple small blues....back to paying our dues I guess.

No, they haven't disappeared, fish were caught very late last night and some of the better trollers caught them today. Hard to believe anyone caught anything with all that traffic running over their heads!

Fluke fishing from Friday on, don't expect any miracles the first day or two as the water temp is still a little cold. Hopefully by the end of this week we will see a Big inflow of Fluke.

Back at it tomorrow!
Capt. Ron

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