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Author Topic: From the Surf 11.24.10  (Read 1078 times)
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Happiness is long casts, tight lines & bent rods

« on: November 25, 2010, 12:31:30 AM »

From The Surf


The Mainland angler with that “ALOHA SPIRIT”

By Paul Danielczyk

Well this week is a bit different as there is a holiday right in the middle, I know for this angler I was only able to get out once and that was mainly for fresh air as the skunk was with me that say.  But that is okay as I was able to get out and enjoy some mild weather before the winter sets in.

The bite continues to be good though as there were more anglers out than there usually are I guess due to people taking the week off and taking the long weekend and making it into a long week.  Good for you if that was your plans.  You were amongst the lucky ones as the bite seemed to be slow the steady stream of anglers weighing in bass and blues was steady.  As reported by a number of B&T’s from Seaside Heights to Ship Bottom.

In the last couple of days Grumpys has reported that their log book was busy and bass and blues were being brought in.  The size of the blues are ranging from 13 to 16 pounds and most are being taken on bunker and poppers with the emphasis being on the poppers.  There was no mention of the color combos but I bet it had to be some combinations of white and red or yellow and red as that was the colors of the day on Tuesday.

The striped bass on the other hand are chomping of metals, and Danny’s and oh yeah that old stand by the clam.  The bite seemed to be from Seaside Heights to Area 10 of Island Beach State Park.  If you had a chance to get out this week with the West wind blowing pretty good you were able to map out all the cuts, bars and holes as there were a number of days that pushed the water out and reveled many good areas for future reference.  On Tuesday the water was so low that you could walk out by the pocket half way to the tip of the jetty.  Pretty cool as I have only seen this occur only a hand full of times.

If you have seen the fly rodders out plying their sport and wondered how they ever do that well Bob Popovic, one of our legends in the area just landed a 30# bass just up the street form Betty & Nicks in Sea Side Park.  Way to go Bob.  Just goes to show you there is no need for equipment that can tow a semi tractor trailer out there if you know how to work the surf.  Besides, the lighter the line the better you will be able to cast lighter lures.  My line weights range from 20# test braid to 40# test braid and even 15# mono if the feeling is right.  Try using a lighter line with a heavier shock leader of about 20 to 30’ you might be surprised at what you can get away with.

It seems like the southern end of Long Beach island is pretty hot right now as well.  As reported by the Fisherman’s Headquarters.  Many fish have been weighed in with a nice 28# 8oz bass being brought to the beach by Joanna Sullivan.

Other fish beached were:

Jim Rossiter 17# 3oz Bass in Holgate on bunker

Kenneth Grab 11#  13oz  bass in Ship Bottom on clam

Bill Montery  20# 3oz  and 17# 10z bass

Tom White 14# 1oz bass

Kurt Hornensky 14# 1oz bass

And blues in the range form 10# to 14#’s all on bunker.

As you can see, this time of year, the bass and blues rule the beach.  I think this is just the tip of the iceberg as the best part of the run has not begun yet.  The bait are still in the bays or at least a big part of them so there are bass being caught in the upper parts of Barnegat Bay that are in the 30 to 35” range as reported by Dave, Kayak1, read his reports in the kayak forum weekly and as things heat up back there he loves to make us all aware that he is catching and most of us that are not on the beach are not.  Okay Dave we get it my friend.  Good going.

As this is the start of the Holiday season I would like to thank all of you that have made this year one to remember.  I have so many things to be thankful for and your friendships are right up there at the top of the list.  You make this site work and work well.  As we will be sitting around our individual tables and giving thanks for so many things that have been blended into our lives, I would like to give thanks to all my family for their efforts and friends that have allowed me to be me. 

May the good Lord allow your lives to become lighter of burdens’ and filled with the joy knowing that anything is possible if we believe in his great works.  This year and the next will be full of challenges, but just knowing that he is there and you guys are close by makes it seem a little less troublesome as I know I can count on both to help me fill my fish box when ever the need comes about.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy catching as well.



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