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Author Topic: GAMBLER-- Fluking, Night Fishing and some tasty recipes!!  (Read 1172 times)
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Capt Bogan
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« on: July 16, 2019, 04:06:14 PM »

The Gambler's half day fluke trips have been on the slow side lately. It does have its moments with some good sized keepers coming in but it hasn't been consistent. There are a few sea bass and ling that have been putting some fish in the coolers lately, which is a blessing. Also, on some of our fluke drifts, we have pulled some big sea robins. If you catch a big sea robin, ask the mates to fillet them --sea robin meat is firm and white and, in my opinion, underestimated and tasty.

Sea Robin Recipe:
1 lb Sea Robin fillets
Vegetable or coconut oil
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
Panko or Italian bread crumbs
(I like to add a little powdered ginger and a pinch of cayenne to my bread crumbs)

Tarter sauce:
Mayo + relish + paprika

Once you get the fillets home, run your fingers along the fillets to find and remove center bone rinse with cold water and pat fillets dry with paper towel.
In a frying pan, heat vegetable or coconut oil over medium heat.
Dredge fillets in flour
Then dip in beaten egg and milk, and then coat with bread crumbs. Fry fillets in a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of oil. Once golden brown, turn fillets. (Only a few minutes to each side)
Serve with baked beans and your favorite sides.
This same recipe is good for any type of white, flaky fillets.

Our night trips this weekend were really good again. Friday night was non-stop ling action.
Saturday night there was more current and the ling action was not as fast, but there were more bluefish around and anyone who tried, could catch a bunch of them along with some mackerel and even a few bonito.
The best way to catch these small blues on one of our night trips is to bring a 20lb class spinning rod. Rig this with a 2 or 3 once bucktail (or any small lure). Above the bucktail you can opt for a mackerel tube or an unweighted bucktail. (No need for bait on this set-up).

Cast this rig away, past the flood lights, and let it sink for 10 or 20 seconds. Retrieve it with a slight jerk, every 5 cranks or so. You can't miss! If you are using the teaser above, you may even land double headers! When using the teaser, you should probably use 40 lb leader with a swivel.
How to cook small blues, mackerel and bonito:

Captain's Fridge Door marinade:
1 cup Ketchup
1/2 cup Mustard
..and whatever has been sitting on your fridge door that's too good to chuck but not enough to use. Plus: Any spices that you think may taste good. Wisk ingredients together.

Rinse and dry fillets. Skin bluefish fillets but leave skin on mackerel and bonito fillets.

Marinate fillets for 2 to 24 hours.
Heat grill to 350.
Place fillets, skin side down, on oiled grill. Cook fillets, lid down, for 10 to 15 minutes (Do not over cook).

I like to saute onions and peppers to go with this delicious, healthy dish. Couscous and a salad go great with it too.

Hopefully the fluke bite picks up soon.
Hope you try the recipes

See you aboard
Capt Bob

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The Phyllis Ann

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