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Capt Bogan
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« on: October 04, 2019, 12:53:29 PM »

As you may have heard there is a new draft addendum for striped bass regulations that would hurt fishermen up and down the coast, please read up on these proposals and VOICE YOUR CONCERN!!!!!

We could see a size increase of 35 inches
Required use of circle hooks
Losing the bonus fish program

Attached is an article regarding the Draft Addendum

Attached is the proposal that the ASMFC is working with.

Please voice your concerns by emailing COMMENTS@ASMFC.org by OCTOBER 6th

Here is an email that I, Capt Bob, have sent to the committee.

"Dear Mr Appelman
In regards to Striper draft addendum VI

I am representing not only my interests but the interest of our for-hire industry and the passengers that fish with us in the hopes of bringing home fish to eat. What the for-hire industry has traditionally carried is anglers that do not own a boat. Over the last twenty or thirty years, the fishing regulations have gotten so lop-sided that it is no longer feasible for many to justify spending money on -not just the fare-but the expense of travel, tolls , tackle, ice and food -and not have an opportunity to bring home dinner for family and friends.

Speaking for my business, we do not need to bring home big female striped bass. We need to allow a reasonable opportunity to bring home a couple of smaller stripers for the table.

The truth is that we are not seeing great numbers of striped bass near shore --due to beach replenishment. Beach replenishment has done a lot of damage, not just to the animals that live near the surf, but has devastated fish habitat where the sand was dredged from -what were once hills are now holes! If this practice was done in a forest, there would be public outcry.

Striper stocks are not in trouble. Striped bass have been seen, in numbers, outside of our eez, along with great pods of menhaden -where surveys for striped bass are not being considered.

The points about the beach replenishment and the large schools offshore are not anecdotal. Both can be substantiated.

At the Manahawkin meeting I heard a comment by one gentleman who submitted that redfish and snook in Florida have a slot limit size and the biomass of both these fish have been doing well. It's something that NJ should look into.

Our for-hire industry cannot lose its bonus program. From what I understand, our industry has only utilized 9% of that quota. We also do not agree with the mandatory circle hook due to the fact that we often snag bunkers and let that bait immediately back into the drift. And I do not believe that most of our patrons would know how to set the hook with a circle hooks. In the past, we have referred to non-offset circle hooks as "rubber hooks".

If we must pick our poison, I would opt for the 28 - 35 inch fish and maintain our bonus slot.

Thank you for your consideration

Robert Bogan
Owner/operator Gambler, Point Pleasant Bch, NJ
Member: Untied Boatmen, RFA, and Nafco"

To submit written comments
Max Appelman
Fishery Management Plan Coordinator
1050 N. Highland St, Suite A-N
Arlington, VA 22201
703-842-0741 (FAX)

comments@asmfc.org (Subject line: Draft Addendum VI)


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