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Author Topic: Huge American Red Snapper Catch  (Read 122 times)
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« on: June 25, 2020, 08:31:56 PM »

Huge ARS Catch

For those who love to fish, love to fill the boxes, there is absolutely no better time than NOW! The Gag Grouper fishing is good, and the American Red Snapper fishing is fantastic.Let's take a look!Midnight Tuesday, the Florida Fisherman ll has reached the far-off Middle Grounds. As usual, the women show us how it's done:These angleretts play no games; they are serious.Talk about serious, the younger generation is really into fishing:Our youth represent the future of our sport.For many of us that future is centered around the elusive hit-and-run Mangrove Snapper. The Mangrove Snapper is fun to catch and even more fun to eat:Another fun to catch great to eat snapper is the Vermilion Snapper. The Vermilion Snapper, sometimes called Beeliner, is native to the western Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina to Bermuda including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to Brazil. And on the Grounds they grow BIG!To talk about BIG is to talk about Gag Grouper. Gag Grouper can grow to 36 inches long and weigh 50+ pounds. The Florida Gag Grouper record to date is 80 pounds 6 ounces caught off Destin, Florida, in 1993.This Gag may not be that huge, but the smiles are:Talk about huge, the night-bite looks really good:Wednesday morning, the view is stunning!This young lady is so proud because she knows the Bonito she just caught is a highly sought-after American Red Snapper bait. Later on the Florida will be fishing waters over 200 feet deep for Red Snapper.But for now the girls teach us how to catch really BIG Mangrove Snapper:That's a nice Red Grouper:Let's go deep. Trolling on the way to the far-off Snapper/Grouper banks can be very productive:Remember when we said, "To talk about BIG is to talk about Gag Grouper."Well...Now!  One of the most sought-after fish the ever swim, the American Red Snapper:Ladies First!Followed by our future, our young anglers:Let the fights continue:Look at the size of these American Reds:Captain Bryon has lead us to a major American Red catch. From bow to stern the Florida is a virtual sea-of-red:Late Wednesday evening, the Florida's huge fish boxes are stuffed full...We are fished-out tired.After a hot shower and a fantastic meal it's bunk time.Wow!  That was a quick night.Back at the dock? Already!With all due respect... You guys are going to need BIGGER ice chest:Love seeing the ladies sharing the jackpot. These girls are good; really good:Talk about being excited, even Captain Dylan Hubbard can't believe his eyes. When you see this mountain of fish it's easy to see why the Captain is so excited. Catch the video and see for yourself:


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« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2020, 06:43:11 AM »

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