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Author Topic: Back in action  (Read 338 times)
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« on: October 26, 2020, 06:02:42 PM »

Back in action

The Florida Fisherman ll has been on dry dock ever since the 09/04/20 overnight trip. That trip, honoring the long Labor Day Weekend, loaded the boxes:October 23, 2020, the Florida, with its new injectors, new intercooler, new heat exchangers, turbo and exhaust work, and a bow to stern paint job, is ready to go. And so are we!One thing about us southern folks, we are always hungry. Tammy insist on serving only the very best. She always adds her own personal-touch, and it shows! Friday evening... We are greeted by hot off the grill Italian sausage, cheese, and grilled peppers:Not to be out done, Saturday morning it's the famous Tam Slam. You will not believe the aroma of that hickory smoked bacon. But first the challenge. Mr. Mangrove Snapper loves to eat-and-run without paying for dinner. Let's change that:The Ladies are taking us to school:We learned our lessons well:The Mango bite was hot. Many caught their two day possession limit of 20. Now let's take a look a grouper:Small but ever so good eating:Now that's a lot bigger than sandwich size, and, once again, ever so good eating:They are getting bigger:Talk about bigger... The Grouper that made the Florida Grouper Sandwich famous:Lunch time; once again... It's Tammy Time:Those are not just burgers; those are TAMMY BURGERS.And this is not just another fish; it's a Triggerfish.Another very good eating fish, the Triggerfish:The hard to get away from American Red Snapper:The lady and the Lionfish:Lionfish hail from the South Pacific and the Indian oceans; their habitat stretches from Australia up to Japan, South Korea, and now the Gulf of Mexico. Lionfish have few natural predators; they tend to dominate the coral reefs and eat anything and everything.The invasive Lionfish are disastrously out-breeding, out-eating and out-competing every other native fish in the Western Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and now our Gulf of Mexico. Left unchecked the Lionfish will ultimately cause the destruction of the reefs. But there is a good side:Lionfish are considered very good eating, and, being high in heart healthy Omega 3 fatty aids, as well as very low in saturated fats and heavy metals such as mercury, are also a healthy choice. Good going Mam, good going. Think this lady of the sea can only catch Lionfish?Think again. On the Florida's last trip, 09/04/20, she 'loaded-the-deck' with the mighty Amberjack. The Donkeys-of-the-Sea were NO MATCH for this lady, this real lady:Next for this real lady, this real woman:Will the Florida continue to 'load the boxes'?Well !Saturday evening... We have been challenging the creatures of the deep for over 20 hours of actual fishing time. We are fished-out tired:Time to relax, and enjoy quality time among good friends:Did someone say relax?Tammy is one very special lady. In addition to serving fantastic meals, she is a remarkable photographer. She takes as much pride in taking our picture as she does in making sure we never go hungry.If she ask you to pose a certain way with your prized catch it's because she wants the thousands of people all over the country who will be admiring your catch to see you at your very best:It's time to take full advantage of our very comfortable bunks for the long ride home. Back at the dock...  Already!Mystery fish... This is a tough one! Mystery fish... This is a tough one!

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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2020, 10:45:00 AM »

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