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Winter Flounder on the Manasquan River
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Wednesday, 07 March 2007 10:52
No ImageHi! I'm Capt. Anthony W. Reina. My first job landed me part-time on the deck of a local Point Pleasant party boat during the winter of 1992. Since 1995, I have been fishing for Winter Flounder on the Manasquan River and the northern part of Barnegat Bay. In the fall of 2003, I purchased Angela Rose and have been a professional charter guide since. Winter flounder fishing is one of my specialties. I would like to share with you some of my knowledge, tactics, experiences and strategies that I employ when I am targeting these fish.....
Riding the Beach Safely
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Written by Paul Danielczyk   
Friday, 14 March 2008 01:05
Bech BuggyApril is the time of the year when every saltwater angler in New Jersey is getting ready for the spring run of that all too illusive trophy Striped Bass. Thoughts of new gear, replenishing you’re tackle box with your old tried and true plugs and lures and after reading and browsing catalogue after catalogue for that one new lure that will bring home this years trophy, your thoughts are now of getting out and finally hitting the beach. Let’s load up the Beach Buggy and hit the beach. Not so fast there Sparkey! If you are like me that spring process is not complete just yet.

I am a surf nut and love to be on old terra firma to do my fishing. But I am also lazy when it comes to getting to where I enjoy fishing. Don’t get me wrong, I will walk a little to get to a good beach area, but if I had my way I would opt to drive on the beach to get from point A to point B. Before this happens, every year I go through a process that will allow me to get on the beach safely and have no problems once I am there. Especially if I am taking the family with me for some fun in the sun and thoughts of any problems are miles away.

The old Beach Buggies of yester’ year are not the shiny, pretty colored vehicles we have today. Yesterdays old Beach Buggy was a big wheeled open aired contraption that was concocted in someone’s back yard or garage specifically designed to get you and maybe a buddy as well as all your gear to that fishing spot that no one knows about. Well they worked just fine thank you, but if I wanted to take the family of today for an outing in one of those I probably would get a thousand and one questions thrown at me such as; does it have air conditioning, where is the porta potty, or where can I plug in my cell phone or computer? Does it sound like something you’ve heard before?
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