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Written by Capt. Ed Marut   
Saturday, 14 April 2007 05:43

What Exit? Folks living in New Jersey (NJ) have heard that one in jokes for a long time. But, what those folks don?t know is that if you fish in NJ, there is great fishing at every turn.


NJ is one of the smallest and most densely populated states in the nation. From Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook to Cape May and Delaware Bay, NJ marine resources provide something for anyone within its 83 miles of bay shores, 127 miles of Atlantic coastline and numerous streams, lakes and rivers................

Freshwater fisherman not only can target trout but walleyes, hybrid striped bass and channel catfish. Muskellunge, northern pike and lake trout come in trophy proportions.

NJ's rich saltwater marine resources offer an outstanding variety of recreational opportunities in its estuaries, bays and the Atlantic Ocean. From surf fishing to fishing deep artificial reefs or offshore canyons, NJ Saltwater fishermen enjoy world-class fishing for species like striped bass, summer founder/fluke, bluefish, weakfish, blue claw crabs, lobsters, blackfish as well as pelagic species like sharks and tuna.

NJ's Artificial Reef Program provides a network of 15 artificial reefs in the ocean waters along the coast. These reefs provide a hard substrate for fish, shellfish and crustaceans, fishing grounds for anglers, and underwater structures for scuba divers. The reefs are strategically located along the coast so that at least one site is within easy boat range of 12 NJ ocean inlets.
Whether you are a fan of fishing fresh or saltwater or whether you choose to fish from a boat or from land, NJ has a lot to offer. Don?t forget to bring a kid fishing!


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