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Marine Fisheries Officers Step it up!!
Written by Rod Houck   
Monday, 20 August 2007 10:42
Aug. 20, 2007

Working to heighten awareness of New Jersey’s marine fisheries regulations and the consequences of violating them, state conservation officers yesterday inspected scores of recreational fishing boats and popular fishing spots along the Sandy Hook and Raritan bays and the Arthur Kill. Please click Read More for full Article.

Eighteen conservation officers with the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement checked 500 anglers during the eight-hour special operation -- part of an ongoing effort to spur greater compliance with regulations and laws that protect New Jersey’s fish and wildlife resources.

Throughout the day, conservation officers inspected 195 private fishing vessels and also checked more than 100 anglers at various marinas and jetties along the targeted waters, Marine Region Capt. Joe Meyer said.

Conservation officers issued 53 summonses and six written warnings for various marine fisheries violations:

  • 28 summonses for possession of summer flounder less than 17 inches
  • 2 summonses for exceeding the limit on summer flounder
  • 2 summonses for possession of weak fish less than 13 inches
  • 8 summonses for possession of summer flounder parts
  • 2 summonses for interference with a conservation officer for attempting to throw fish overboard
  • 2 summonses for possession of undersized porgies
  • 1 summons for possession of parts of porgies
  • 1 summons for trespassing while fishing
  • 2 summonses for possession of black sea bass less than 12 inches
  • 1 summons for exceeding the limit of 15 blue fish
  • 2 summonses for harvesting shellfish (mussels) from condemned waters of the Raritan and Sandy Hook bays
  • 2 summonses for possession of undersized blue crabs
  • 4 written warnings for harvesting hard crabs recreationally from the Newark Bay Complex
  • 2 written warnings for dumping trash on a wildlife management area
Lawmen also seized a dozen fishing poles and one seine net used to illegally harvest marine species. Sportsmen and sportswomen can help New Jersey’s conservation officers by reporting marine fish and shellfish violations to 609-748-2050 or call the DEP’s 24-hour hotline at 877-WARN-DEP. See Forum Topic Here


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