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No Record For Monica ?
Written by Rod Houck   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 15:40

Fluke fisherwoman denied world record
by Judy Peet
Wednesday September 19, 2007, 7:16 PM

Monica Oswald, the Neptune nurse who was savaged in online discussion groups after she caught the largest summer flounder ever brought in with a rod and reel, has been denied a place in the record books.

The International Game Fish Association said today that Oswald broke IGFA rules in August when she briefly rested her pole on the rail of her boat while wrestling with a 24.3-pound fluke off the coast of Monmouth County.

"The tackle, the line, the leader and the (fishing) method were fine, but the rules specifically state you can't rest the rod," said IGFA world records coordinator Rebecca Wright.
"It's unfortunate, because it was an outstanding catch, but rules are rules."

Summer flounder, a.k.a. fluke, is the most sought-after game fish on the eastern seaboard. Oswald's fish would have broken the world record set in 1975, and could have brought her six-figure endorsement deals.

Ever since her catch, however, anonymous posters on Internet fishing forums claimed she cheated and did not catch the fish herself. Oswald even took a lie detector test. The results were posted online this week. She passed.

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