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Simple Tips for Family Fun Fishing
Written by Fishon W/Ron   
Sunday, 22 March 2009 13:40

Father and Son FishingEvery spring on the first warm day, I get calls from friends who want to take their kids fishing. They are usually acting on what is called fishing fever and spend money on unnecessary tackle. I decided to share with you the simplicity of getting the kids hooked on fishing. These are simple tips I learned from my dad on how to get the kids into this great family sport. When I was a kid, my dad slowly introduced my brothers and me to fishing from fresh water to salt water with these beginner techniques. My Dad is a true sport fisherman and when I was very young he gave me a choice, little league or fishing every weekend with my brothers. I am sure you can guess which option I went with. You will be hooked if you have a good first-time experience. These simple tips will improve those chances ten-fold.

The first thing you need to decide is where to fish. I know from my own experience fresh water is the best place to start. There are so many great public parks in New Jersey with ponds and lakes stocked with fish, so utilize them, as they are yours to use.......
Kids under 12 will do just fine with a $15 combo rod and some reel come with hooks and tackle. My son caught more fish with his Spider man combo and my daughter with her Barbie combo than we could count. Remember the kids are going to beat up the rods pretty good so let them get into the sport first before you up-grade your tackle.

Get some small hooks, the smaller the better, Eagle Claw size 10s will do. Next, buy a few round red and white bobbers, the bigger the better, it makes it easier to cast and see when the fish strikes. I highly recommend you bring along a bucket, rag, a pair of small needle nose pliers, a small knife or nail clippers, do not forget a camera. Next, you will need bait. Do not worry worms are not necessary. Trust me, for fresh water, pizza dough or a hot dog with skin will work better than worms. Simply tie the hook to the end of the line, clip on the bobber about three feet above the hook and a pinch of dough on the hook and you are ready to cast your line.
Sunfish and blue gills are your most likely target; usually they will hit the line when it first hits the water. When the fish hits and pulls, the bobber under your kid will have the time of their life fighting his or her first fish and memories that are priceless for all of you.

Now that you landed your trophy, you need to remove the hook. Grab the fish with the rag to avoid the sharp spines on the dorsal fin. Gingerly remove the hook with the pliers and release the fish back into the water. Now you are ready to take the kids out for a true family adventure. Always remember to respect all wildlife, other anglers and clean up before you leave. These rules will leave you with a true respect for fishing

This is how I learned from my dad and I have passed this information on to co-workers and friends over the years. I get great satisfaction when I hear the success stories from so    many families that have tried these basic methods. Families who would never think about taking their kids fishing are now doing so every chance they get. I hope this article makes a difference in your family fishing adventure and pass on your experience to others.

  Fish On!