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Hudson Canyon Tuna | 08-12-09
Written by Rod Houck   
Friday, 14 August 2009 06:51

Hudson Canyon 100 Square Tuna Chris Marsala headed out to the 100 square area of the Hudson Canyon aboard his vessel The Chicken of The Sea Wednesday with crew members Kirk Hoehn, Danny Batko and Wayne Bauman.

They arrived in the dark and got up on the troll before the sun was even a thought. The Boys had a few rat yellowfins and a skippie before slipping away from the crowd and heading across the deep. Soon up on the troll the wolfpack attacked! eating the two spreader bars in the pattern. Chris left the helm to clear the lines and as he reeled in a islander/bally it got eaten 50 feet from the stern and it was game on. With only 4 guys on the boat there was a lot of rod passing and turns at the wheel but about 90 minutes later all three eyeballs were in the pit - 3 for 3. "Small" fish was about 125 and the 2 bigger ones close to 200.

Congratz to Chris and Crew on a great Catch.



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