NJ Saltwater Registry

NJ Saltwater Fishing Registry
Saltwater Fishing License
Written by Chris Gatley   
Monday, 21 September 2009 13:13
Fishing Saltwater
Fishing traffic may see a significant decrease around New York City once the mandated
license takes affect.

Is this what a picture from a New York waterway is going to look like once the Recreational  Marine Fishing License is mandated in two weeks? If the nominal fee of $10 rapidly increases  like the State of California's marine license, who knows for certain?

Last Wednesday, I opened my mail to a letter requiring already licensed party and charter boat  operators for the State of New York to purchase an additional license they call the Recreational Marine Fishing License. It costs $400.
Commonly thought of as a saltwater Fishing license by the angling public, my research tells
me that major confusion lies on the horizon as this is clearly a vehicle by some northeast
states to create extra revenues through existing saltwater fisherman. 


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