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Doormat Taken from the Manasquan Inlet Wall
Written by Matt Pfishingruven   
Thursday, 05 August 2010 02:50
steves_doormat_01.jpgThe fish was caught By Steve O'Connor on Monday August 2, 2010 on the Point Pleasant Beach side of the Manasquan Inlet at the Wall.  The fish was weighed in at Alex's B&T(literally broke a scale flopping around Grin) at 12 1/2 lbs 32 1/2 inches.  "I just couldn't believe the size of it when we first saw it," says Steve.
Steve was fishing all afternoon casting more than half way across the Inlet.  It was at least half way out across the inlet when the fish hit the yellow gulp around low tide. "At first, I thought it might have been a big blue or weakie, but after a few minutes, I realized it wasn't pulling like either one. The fish did make three goods runs on me when first hooked. I actually tightened down on the drag 3 times, worrying the same time that a boat wasn't going to come buy because I was actually casting about half way across the river like I was all afternoon when he hit."  
Steve had assistance from a fellow fisherman and his wife netting and landing the fish since he only had a 4 foot net and the low tide line is way below 4 feet.  "I believe it was the guys wife who grabbed a hold of my legs to keep me from falling over. I kept saying to this guy that were only going to get one shot at getting this fish in the net. When i was finally able to turn the fish, the guy with my net was barely hanging onto the last part of the handle and we got it in head first," writes Steve recapping the great catch"...Hardest part was when I got him to the wall, I could hardly raise. Had to carefully grab the rod with one hand up near the first eye on the pole and lift slow and steady."

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