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NJ Yellow Fin Tuna Invasion!
Written by Ron Nuzzolo   
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:43
ron_nuzzolo.jpgTheir back and they are big. Yellow fin tuna have invaded the Hudson Canyon and as you read this article tonight anglers are in the canyon looking for a fight with these all muscle and built for speed monsters. Charters from Sandy Hook to Barnegat Bay found yellow fins in the canyon from 70 to 90lbs. Mahi mahi are right in the mix and as many as you want. The Big Jamaica from Brielle is nailing fish up to 90lbs. Doris Mae from Barnegat Light maxed out on yellow fin up to 80lbs and put a countless number of Mahi in the box. The Doris Mae is doing very well with yellow fin and boxing mahi up in the triple digits. These reports have phones ringing off the hook for reservations and charters are booking up fast. The Big Jamaica has added extra dates and I?m sure many others are doing the same. Charter scheduled dates for the 2010 tuna season were cut short by most charters not willing to take the 100 plus mile one way trip due to the lack of yellow fins in the previous years. With plenty of seventy degree water in the canyon, tuna like the yellow fin, big eye and long fin will hang around for a while.

Curious, I tried calling three different party boats for a mid week spot and they have all been booked solid. Even "Fish on with Ron" is on a waiting list. This is a year where many anglers took a wait and see approach so I have to be patient. This is the time when the internet comes in handy. A charter on a "party boat" will only take 20 to 25 anglers max and run around $325 per angler so when reports heat up they book fast. Canyon trips are normally 24 to 30 hours long so make sure you are physically and mentally prepared.  you better stretch those arms legs and back and be ready to go a few rounds. Ninety pounders are no joke and will send you to a chiropractor at the very least.
Immediate Release

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., -- As the pending Gulf Restoration Plan is being produced The Billfish Foundation is encouraging recreational anglers and boaters, especially those in the Gulf states most affected by the April 20th oil disaster, to urge the government to include the sport fishing segment in the plan.

?Boating and the sport fishing industry employ some 300,000 individuals in the region generating an economic stimulus of $41 billion dollars annually,? said TBF President Ellen Peel. ?It includes a wide array of marine related manufacturing, sales, service and diverse support and enhancement businesses ranging from artists to yacht builders and brokers.
?If we are ever going to see positive changes in the Gulf, we must impress upon the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, who is charged with writing the Gulf Restoration Plan, the need to include recreational fishing and boating as a major segment in it. E-mails are urgently needed to be sent to the Secretary at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,? she emphasized.

A draft letter is included on the TBF website billfish.org for anglers to use or compose their own version. She said the critical point is to send it in now and encouraged anglers to pass it on to their friends so sport fishing and boating will be counted in the Gulf Restoration Plan.

Fish On!

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