5 Year Old Jack Rice. First Bluefin Tuna
Written by Rod Houck   
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 16:15

jacks first tunaThe Jersey Devil headed offshore to the blue fin grounds at 0400 this past Saturday with Stevie, Paul, John, and Chris with Stevie, Paul, John, Chris and Captain Brian's 5 year old son Jack. After a sloppy ride out they arrived on the grounds just after 0600

Lines in and the first tuna hit the deck at 0700. The troll produced a few more bites but none came tight. After many long hours of trolling a call was made from Captain Freddy of the Andreas Toy to run down 13 miles to the SE as he was on the fish!!!!! Upon arrival the signs of life were all there so the guys started jigging to no avail trying to get Jack his first tuna. Buddy on the "Prime Coat" hooked up as the boats were getting ready to head in at 1600. So with that Captain Brian made a call to Captain Chris on the "Chicken of the Sea" and with that he calls the "Devil" into a good bite!!!! Out goes the baits and uncle Stevie hooks up Jack's tuna!!!! Jack got on the reel and never gave up and got him to the boat and to the gaff done by his father Captain Brian.

The team work and perseverance by the crew and the networking really paid off for the Jersey Devil on a true day to remember!!!!!!