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NJSWF Fishing and Boating Weather Outlooks
Written by Rod Houck   
Tuesday, 28 May 2013 12:39

{jcomments off}NJ Saltwater Fisherman Exclusive Fishing & Boating Weather Outlooks

sea surface tempSo, how are the Nj Saltwater Fisherman Exclusive Fishing & Boating Weather Outlooks created?  They are created by our resident weather enthusiast Matt, better known as Pfishingruven or P-Man.  Matt is a self-taught weather enthusiast who is currently pursuing a degree in meteorology and physical oceanography.  He is also a trained Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service Philadelphia in Mount Holly and a volunteer for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRAHS) taking daily rainfall totals.  Matt is always keeping up to the minute, with the ever changing weather through the many publicly available weather platforms and mobile solutions. 

The weather outlooks are a detailed compilation and translation of weather forecasts available from both the National Weather Service and Buoyweather; these are only outlooks, not forecasts.  Each week and then again for the weekend, Matt reviews the many forecasts, data available and models from both the National Weather Service and Buoyweather and puts together a report or outlook for the upcoming weather and water conditions.  By reviewing this information and data, the outlooks are able to be more specific covering the large area of NJ and surrounding marine waters.  By understanding the weather  language and jargon, Matt is able to convey the weather in simplest terms and graphics.  While "no science is perfect" and weather changes quickly, the National Weather Service and Buoyweather forecasts are highly accurate and always being updated.  The "NJSWF Fishing & Boating Weather Outlooks" are Your one stop for weather, fishing and boating conditions. What could take thirty minutes to look up all of this information individually, Matt has conveniently done in one artilcal.  You get the daily weather forecasts, sunrise and sunset, lunar phases, fishing forecasts from Accuweather and Weather2Hunt.com, water conditions forecasts for 5 locations, water surface temperatures and tides.  Matt also covers any daily changes, severe weather, tropical/non tropical weather and winter weather.  NJ Saltwater Fisherman has it all covered!

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact Matt directly by Personal Message or at his email.  Any urgent questions or concerns, look up his cell phone number in the Contact Information Directory and give him a call or text.  Matt promises that in the future, once he has the education and meteorology title to go with it, these exclusive outlooks will become exclusive forecasts, only found here at NJ Saltwater Fisherman!

For you one stop weather information, head over to our Weather Forum.  There you will find weekly and weekend updated weather outlooks



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