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Record Breaking 624 lb. Mako Shark
Written by Capt. Chris Gatley : ESPNOutdoors.com   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 18:18
265 Pound Mako Shark
The hurricane missed the east coast but something big blew in at the hands of Capt. Taylor Sears.
Winds pushed 50 on the mainland as Hurricane Bill passed Cape Cod, and that was far enough away to not affect fishing. Sears took advantage several days later, landing a huge mako shark while tuna fishing.
Sears, of Mass Bay Guides in Scituate, Mass., successfully caught a 624-pound mako shark, which would have been a record for male makos had it not been harpooned.
Sears and mate Capt. Tom King met their paying fare at 5 a.m. Thursday and steamed toward Provincetown, Mass., in hopes of rounding the Cape to their tuna grounds. Fifteen miles into their 18-mile journey, the port oil pump went down. Sears' only remedy was to add oil every few hours.
The crew then decided to set up on Stellwagen Bank, a popular tuna ground. Sears deployed several rods, including one outfitted with a Kite and tipped with a menhaden moss bunker baitfish, referred to in New England as a pogy. Kite fishing is gaining popularity here as the kite enables an angler to dangle live bait at the water's surface, tantalizing gamefish lurking below.
This kite rod took its first tuna strike, and the father of the charter was first on the fish. After a 45-minute battle, an estimated 65-inch bluefin tuna weighing roughly 170 pounds popped to the surface with a big mako shark chomping on it.
"I yelled like a little girl," Sears said, "Yelling mako! Mako!"
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Hudson Canyon Tuna | 08-12-09
Written by Rod Houck   
Friday, 14 August 2009 06:51

Hudson Canyon 100 Square Tuna Chris Marsala headed out to the 100 square area of the Hudson Canyon aboard his vessel The Chicken of The Sea Wednesday with crew members Kirk Hoehn, Danny Batko and Wayne Bauman.

They arrived in the dark and got up on the troll before the sun was even a thought. The Boys had a few rat yellowfins and a skippie before slipping away from the crowd and heading across the deep. Soon up on the troll the wolfpack attacked! eating the two spreader bars in the pattern. Chris left the helm to clear the lines and as he reeled in a islander/bally it got eaten 50 feet from the stern and it was game on. With only 4 guys on the boat there was a lot of rod passing and turns at the wheel but about 90 minutes later all three eyeballs were in the pit - 3 for 3. "Small" fish was about 125 and the 2 bigger ones close to 200.

Congratz to Chris and Crew on a great Catch.

Ambrose Channel Fluke Fishing
Written by Rod Houck   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 13:29

 11 lb 2 Oz FlukeKen Delucia from Sayreville landed this beautiful Fluke from his Boat "The Breeze" late Sunday Afternoon while fishing in the Ambrose Channnel.

The Fish took a 5 oz Jighead with a 12 inch bunker strip on the outgoing tide in 70' of water.

The Fluke weighed in at 11 lbs 2 ozs and measured 31 inches.

         Nichole Delucia

NJ Saltwater Fisherman | Hudson Canyon Tuna
Written by Rod Houck   
Thursday, 09 July 2009 07:06

Hudson Canton Big Eye Tuna

NJ Saltwater Fisherman's Canyon Tuna Trip,( Video) on July 3rd 2009, with Capt Mark Deblasio and Crew.

The Big Eye Tuna Was 74" Long and weighed in at 260 Lbs.

Njswf.com Member Captain Mike Paltti fought the beast for 1 Hour and 15 Minutes.

Thank You Capt. Mark,  Capt. Pete and Dene.


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Potential New Jersey State Record Thresher Shark
Written by Dan Sandorff   
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 03:26

  Official !!

The  New Jersey State Record Thresher Shark came to the dock at Arnolds Brielle Yacht club for official weigh in Saturday 6-27-2009. The mammoth 683 lb Thrasher was caught on the charter boat Kristin Marie with Captain Jeff Maritz of Point Pleasant at the helm. This was a Dan Sandorff Charter with friends all residents of Warren County. The fish was boated by angler Benn Fogelberg of Washington N.J. After a wonderful day with many large blue sharks and one Mako, although not large enough to qualify for the tournament which they had entered it was 5:00 time to go. Then a run off Benn geared up with Gimble and harness, not knowing what awaited him. An hour and 45 min. later when the battle was over, everyone on board was overwhelmed with the sheer size of this Thresher. Next to get it aboard, difficult even with a transom door, much howling yelling, ropes gaffs etc. Trimming the dorsal finally allowed it to fit...
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