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New Bluefin Tuna Regulations 2016
Written by Rod Houck   
Friday, 22 April 2016 05:54

2017 Blue Fin Tuna Regulations


2017 Recreational Atlantic Tunas Retention Limits

Effective April 30, 2017, through December 31, 2017, the bluefin tuna (BFT) daily retention limits are the following.

For HMS Angling-permitted vessels: 2 school BFT (27 to <47") + 1 large school/small medium BFT (47 to <73");

For HMS Charter/Headboat-permitted vessels: 3 school BFT + 1 large school/small medium BFT. These limits are effective for all areas except the Gulf of Mexico.

The recreational BFT trophy fishery (73"+) is currently open north of 39°18' (off Great Egg Inlet, NJ) as well as in the Gulf of Mexico with a limit of 1 BFT measuring 73" or greater/vessel/year. For further information, see notices in library (at left). The recreational yellowfin tuna retention limit is 3/person/day or trip. The minimum size for yellowfin and bigeye tuna is 27" curved fork length.

There are no recreational limits for bigeye, skipjack, or albacore tunas.


IBSP 16" Fluke - Shore Based Enhanced Fishing Opportunity
Written by Rod Houck   
Thursday, 21 May 2015 18:58

The Shore Based Enhanced Fishing Opportunity Program will continue for 2015 at Island Beach State Park (IBSP). This Program permits anglers to retain only 2 fish per day (NOT 5 fish) greater than or equal to 16 inches (total length) only at IBSP during the current 2015 New Jersey summer flounder fishing season, which opens on May 22, and remains open until September 26. The Program will be available to "shore-based" anglers only, defined as fishing from a pier, jetty, beach, bank, or marsh.

These modified regulations do not apply to anglers fishing from a boat, kayak, canoe, personal water craft, or fish arriving to the shore by means of water craft. Shore-based angling shall be by hook and line only. Unlike the 2014 fluke season, there will not be a check station for fluke measuring 16 to less than 18 inches. Anglers are required to retain proof of legal entry to IBSP (park receipt) until returning home or until just prior to consumption if the fish are to be consumed prior to the angler returning home.

Those holding Mobile Sportfishing Vehicle Permits are required to request a receipt at the front entrance gate of IBSP. The two fish at 16 inches or greater for shore-based anglers are the regulations on IBSP - anglers can not choose to retain 2 fish at 16 inches or 5 fish at 18 inches, it is 2 fish at 16 inches only. Anglers that possess summer flounder harvested at IBSP may harvest summer flounder outside IBSP provided they abide to the 18-inch size limit and 5 fish possession limit applicable to all other waters (for example, if 1 fish is harvested at IBSP, 4 fish 18 inches or greater may be harvested in waters outside of IBSP).

2015 Nj Saltwater Fishing Regulations
Written by Rod Houck   
Friday, 01 May 2015 13:37

2015 NJ Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Click Image for PDF

Significant Shoaling Within the Oyster Creek Channel
Written by New Jersey State Police   
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 20:18

The New Jersey State Police is reporting Significant Shoaling Within the Oyster Creek Channel

If you plan on navigating the waters in the Oyster Creek Channel, please be aware of the following warning:

The New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau, along with the United States Coast Guard, are advising mariners to transit the Oyster Creek Channel with extreme caution, due to significant shoaling.

The area of concern is located on the westerly portion between buoys 38 and 40, within Ocean Township, New Jersey.

We've included two images to help better illustrate shoaling. One of the admins suggested the, how shall we put it, more confusing photo.

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