NJ Surf Fishing Reports

NJ Surf Fishing Reports
Written by Rod Houck   
Sunday, 13 November 2011 20:55

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NJ Surf Fishing - Heating Up
Written by Paul Danielczyk   
Saturday, 14 May 2011 14:00

{jcomments off}NJ Surf Fishing Is Heat Up.

NJ beaches are starting to heat up both temperature and fish catching wise.  No matter where you go during some part of the day the surf will be giving up some of its bounty.  Earlier this week the catch was on fire up north around Asbury Park to Spring Lake, while later in the week almost all of the action was in the Seaside Park to the Barnegat Inlet with the center of the action   from A17 to the inlet.


Rich Belli with a nice 36-lb 10-oz Striper caught off IBSP May 13, 2011

Rich Belli with a nice 36-lb 10-oz Striper caught off IBSP May 13, 2011


The bait of choice was mostly clams when you can get them as some shops were having trouble getting them.  But today it seems that all the shops are stocked and ready to go for the weekend.  Just make sure that all the bait you buy is fresh if not my suggestion would be to stick with salted clams, they do work better than dead ones.

There is one slight problem right now and that is with the weeds.  They can be a menace if you like to dead stick. My suggestion is to check your bait often and clean off the weeds.  If the bait needs to be replaced change it as well.  I have noticed that using a slight amount of elastic string and a bit more bait ups your catch rate as well.  Yeah I know the bait goes faster but your catch rate will also increase.

If you are just out there to catch whatever give the inlets a try and my choice of bait there would be the white bucktail tipped with Finn-S 5? in pink or some sort of curly tail in pink or red, plus I was told that by using pork rind in red & white works just as good and you will get a better fish to bait ratio. Time will tell.

Reports from the south:........

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From The Surf 11-17
Written by Paul Danielczyk   
Thursday, 18 November 2010 13:44
 ibso striped Bass
Dale Peterson of Princeton, with a nice keeper bass caught on IBSP

Well it was pretty hard to get any decent reports this week as Mother Nature has been playing games with the rain and the wind.  This blow has been pretty substantial with parts of Island Beach State Park closing some of its beach areas to high tides that totally washed the beach right up to the dunes.  High waves and dirty water made fishing extremely difficult.

The weather has not knocked out the fishing totally though.  The lack of reports was mainly due to the lack of fishermen going out to brave the elements.  I for one was one that preferred the indoors as opposed to the outside.  These old bones were not up to braving the cold and the wind this week.

I was talking to a few shops and people that did venture out and they had some good reports of some fish being caught.  I am not surprised as there are fish all over the place you just have to find the key that will unlock the mystery of their meal ticket.  Yes, the stripers and blues are still around but with the weather they seemed to have lock jaw.  So what made them bite?  Well it was the old tried and true, clams were the meal ticket as the clam beds off the beach took yet another hit and the bass candy was the ticket. 
If you get to walk or ride IBSP you will notice a lot of clam shells scattered all over the beach in spots.  It is no surprise; the wave action was pretty intense for a while.
Right now most fish are being caught off shore as they can be seen rolling on balls of sand eels.  The Barnegat Inlet right now is the place to target as the bass are in and out as are the blues.  It does not matter if you pick the North jetty of IBSP or the north end of Long Beach Island?s south jetty.  In fact I have heard that the Tog are in there pretty strong especially if you use green crabs.  Give the rocks a try you might be pleasantly surprised.
I was told that the hot plug to try down there was the School Bus Bomber you might want to give it a try; I know there are a few guys up north that will not use anything else in the back bays....... 
From The Surf 11-11
Written by Paul Danielczyk   
Thursday, 11 November 2010 13:07
 ibso striper
Art Manion 24 # bass on bunker up at the north end.

Well from all reports that this angler has been getting the fish are here and here to stay a while.  Reports from Sandy Hook to Holgate the striped bass are making this year one to remember.  With a large number of blues thrown in it has been a fun fall so far.  The bait of choice is the normal surf fair; an appetizer starts with a serving of clams with a main meal of bunker, raw but fresh please.  Oh yeah, don?t for get to order plugs de jour or maybe metal a? la cart to be sure.

We will start from the south and work our way north.  Cape May has given up one nice cow to a 13 year old who might just be the next record holder in the junior female class.  Congratulations Juliana Merighi and also to your dad Tom Merighi for putting you on to that beauty.  Folks, in case you have not read about it the striped bass was 58 pounds and it was caught in the Delaware Bay just off Cape May.  Like her father mentioned grown men in their 50, 60 or even older have not caught a fish as huge as that one was. 

Long Beach Island is holding its own with many bass being caught from the northern part of the island to the middle of the island.  Good catches are spread out which is unusual, which makes me believe that this is going to be one great run.  If you can take the cold early morning and evening as usual are the prime times to bring home that fish of a life time. 

We would like to send out an Atta Boy to the LBI crews for catching some pretty nice fish that were weighted in at the Fishermen?s Headquarters in Ship Bottom:
Art Manion caught a 40? 24 # bass on bunker up at the north end.
Bert Tompson caught a 27# 10 oz bass also up at the north end
Edmund Flyntz caught a blue fish 23.5? weighed in at 9# 12oz caught at mid island.
As of Monday the bite on Island Beach State Park had been just south of the bathing beaches but that does not mean that they will be there the next day but so far that is the hot place on IBSP....... 
From The Surf 10-27
Written by Paul Danielczyk   
Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:44
 ibso striper
Jason DeCarlo, with a nice bass caught off IBSP

Well it?s fall, and the NJ Striper Run is on then It is off... then its on again. Well the heck with trying to figure if the run is on or off just go out and have fun everyone.  The fish are around you just have to go out and hunt them down.  I have been talking to people up and down the coast and it is the same thing.  We are catching fish not in a blitz of anything like that but it is slow and steady.

This is true from Cape May to Long Beach Island, to Island Beach State Park to Seaside Heights, Lavallette and Normandy Beach.  In Monmouth County it is the same in Monmouth Beach to Sandy Hook.  No matter who you talk to the surf is alive but not on fire.

The trick for many is the use of a Hi / Lo rig with either clams or bunker with bunker coming out on top. Plugs have sort of died out a bit right now, which means that during the day fresh bait is the key but at night it has been all plugs.  Don?t be afraid to deviate from the norm and use those yellows and orange poppers and darters.  Black is okay but from what I have seen and heard the use of the unusual has been working well....

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