NJ Saltwater Fisherman Video Gallery

Bluefin Tuna in the Wild

This is an amazing video shot by SaveTheBluefin member, Pantelis Barouchas from Athens Greece. Pantelis is a commercial diver who tends to sea bass pens off the coast of Greece. On this day he had some visitors as wild bluefin tuna took up residence around the nets to feed in the protected waters away from the commercial seine boats.

Parker Pete Blackfishing

Capt. Rich K. 2015 Canyon

Sykk Physh 2015 Inshore 51 Inch BFT

Great Underwater Fluke Action

Phyllis Ann Large brown Shark On A RonZ.

Phyllis Ann Bluefin Tuna Fishing W/ Sterling Tackle Spreader Bars.

MR Charters 6-6-12 Tuna..& Mako Surprise!!

NJSWF Striper Trip 05/23/12

Bluefin Tuna in the Wild

MR Charters Yellowfin Slaughter 2011

Mr Charter / Sykk Physh SportFishing Trophy Tuna 2011

The Phyllis Ann - Bob's Bluefin Tuna 2011

Great Underwater Fluke Action

Great Underwater Fluke Action